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What Are the Different Sizes of Mattresses?

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As we know, with various bed types, come different sizes of mattresses. Below mentioned are a few common mattress sizes.

A crib

This mattress is ideally the size of 2 feet by 4 feet. And it comes with a thickness of or less by 6 inches. 

The mattress is designed to fit well in an infant’s crib. Moreover, the sizes of the crib mattress are monitored by federal government regulators. This also means one would not face difficulties in finding the best fit for their kid’s crib.

However, when selecting a crib’s mattress, one must remember to select the firm ones, as according to a study, soft mattresses are a huge cause of sudden infant deaths. 

A Twin mattress

This mattress is the smallest standard-sized mattress in the whole category. It is ideal for single sleepers and kids until they are big enough to leave for college. More often, these sized mattresses are found in motels and inns that offer single bedrooms. 

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A full-size mattress

Even though the twin size mattress sounds like a mattress for two, it isn’t. The full-size mattress, which is also known as the double bed, can accommodate two people. It has 16 more inches than a twin bed. As it offers a wide area of sleeping space, that too without blocking up the rooms, it is ideal to be installed in the guest and double bedrooms.

A queen size mattress

It is one of the most famous mattresses as it can entertain a variety of users. Mostly, it is used in master bedrooms. Though, it is not confined to only that room type. Indeed, the queen mattress is small enough to fit in almost all types of rooms but big enough to accommodate two adult sleepers and one infant. 

Whether you are a couple, a single sleeper, or a guest house owner, order your mattresses in a box Australia based manufacturers guarantee a great quality product.

A king size mattress

Indeed, straight from its name, this mattress is the widest, standard bed size available among all the other mattresses. This bed is the ideal option for a spacious master bedroom. Besides that, it offers a lot of sleeping space that can accommodate nearly three people.

How to decide the best size mattress for me?

When it comes to investing in a good quality mattress, it is essential to look into the deciding factors before making the purchase.

The three main factors are:

  • Who will be the sleeper?
  • The layout of the room will be placed
  • The budget

Having these three sorted would narrow down the options for you. For example, if you are a single sleeper living in a small room, you wouldn’t select anything beyond the queen size. 

In contrast, if you are a single sleeper in a luxurious room, a king size mattress would also suit your budget.

And likewise, if you want to select a mattress for your new-born or a toddler, you will look into the crib mattresses. However, one must first remember to measure the crib to find the appropriate mattress size.