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What You Need for A Job That Requires You to Be on Your Feet

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As much as some of the many jobs are sedentary and require almost no walking around, the same cannot be said for all jobs. There are many jobs out there that require people to be constantly on their feet.

If your job is similar to this then you will know just how tiring it can be. Each person will have their own tricks on how to combat the tiredness and feet aches that come with it. But just in case you needed some knowledge on the subject here are something’s you need to have and do if you are on your feet the entire day.


This may seem like a no brainer but it is quite crucial that if you have a job that makes you always have to walk around you are going to need loads of energy. This starts with your meals. If you have a job that works the usual 9 to 5 then it is important that you eat a healthy, nutritious and energy boosting meal.

Although this may not seem important in reality it is as meals provide you with the vitamins and protein your body needs to go through the day. Healthy snacks throughout the day and even having light dinners are essential. On top of that it is important to make sure you also take an additional dose of vitamins as this provides you with extra energy and stamina that is needed to get through the day.

Breaks are essential

Whether it is your lunch break during work or just a weekend off to sleep, being on your feet can be physically exhausting so rest is of prime importance. Take this break to stretch your legs and use your off days and weekends for a good massage.

Wear supportive shoes

Walking around in shoes that are not comfortable is probably the worst thing ever and worst of all long periods of negligence can cause serious issues to your feet. If you have to stand for most of the day you should consider wearing comfortable work shoes that are padded and provide sufficient support to your feet, ankles and legs. Check out the shoes at Homyped as they can even be custom designed to your preference and need.

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Being exhausted has a lot to do with your water intake. While it can be hard to monitor just how much of water you are consuming while working, it is important to stay hydrated at all times. Sip on water or have a usual amount and make sure you stick to it. Staying hydrated can help prevent fatigue, tiredness and even dehydration that can turn into serious illness if repeated continuously.

A good mindset

Some jobs are nicer than others and if you enjoy what you do then being on your feet is not so bad but however it is important to stay positive even when it feels like your feet will break under you.